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By Carrie Dorr

I’ve had a vision for the O44 METHOD and brand for a while, but truth be told it’s taken me some time to make the decision to bring it to market. When the remainder of my non-competes expired Jan 1, those who were aware started reaching out saying things like:

“You’re going to do it again…right?”
“Why wouldn’t you?”
“Whatever you do next, I want to invest."

Although I had a creation and a vision, I didn’t have my why. I took a trip by myself to Sedona for a few nights. Opened up the funnel at the top and began to download. Layer by layer my why emerged. It became clear and and it was powerful.

I believe you need a “Why that Weathers”. Not just in entrepreneurship but in many aspects of life. Inevitably things get gnarly and when they do, if you are resolute on your why, it can get you through. As I write this, we are in the midst of COVID-19. There couldn’t be a more perfect example of the importance of having a why that weathers storms.

I have learned that your why can, and actually should, morph throughout life. Perhaps keeping the same broad theme with shifting focal points. For example, my parenting why had a different focus when my kids were newborns to toddlers and so on. Currently my parenting why has shifted to modeling that while we can’t control the events in our lives, we can control our our response to those events which determines the outcome. This why is woven into how I answer their questions, what words I choose when I speak and the attitude and energy I show up with, even if I was previously crying in my closet.

I don’t believe a why makes you invincible from ever wanting to throw in the towel but I do think it keeps you from actually taking the toss.

What’s your why?