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Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking the O44 METHOD + O44 BARRE virtual trainings?
A: No. However, if you wish to teach either or both and be listed on our site in good standing, a successful test-out is required. To remain in good standing, an annual test out + recertification fee is necessary.  

Q: What are the one-time costs to teach O44 METHOD + O44 BARRE?
A: $799 for the virtual integrated training. $389 BOX. If you are setting up your own Virtual Home Studio there are additional costs which vary. We do offer additional support if you need help setting up your own site via a 3rd party.

Q: What are the ongoing costs?
A: If you wish to teach O44 or O44 BARRE, a Monthly TOTT Membership Fee of $49 which includes choreography is required to remain in good standing. An annual renewal of $99 is also required. General Liability Insurance [varies]. $50 for Music [3rd party]. Technology fees to run your own virtual studio [3rd party]

Q: Upon a successful test out, where can I teach?
A: Virtually as well as Outside in person.

Q: Do I need to buy the BOX? If you plan on teaching, you must purchase a BOX.
If you are taking the trainings for personal development, a BOX is not required however we highly recommend it as the choreography in integrated with the BOX!