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Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking the O44 METHOD + O44 BARRE virtual trainings?
A: No. However, if you wish to teach either or both and be listed on our site in good standing, a successful test-out is required. To remain in good standing, an annual test out + recertification fee is necessary.  

Q: What are the one-time costs to teach O44 METHOD + O44 BARRE?
A: $799 for the virtual integrated training. $389 BOX. If you are setting up your own Virtual Home Studio there are additional costs which vary. If you would like the Business Support Module, it is $249.

Q: What are the ongoing costs?
A: If you wish to teach O44 or O44 BARRE, a Monthly TOTT Membership Fee of $49 which includes choreography is required to remain in good standing. An annual renewal of $99 is also required. General Liability Insurance [varies]. $50 for Music [3rd party]. Technology fees to run your own virtual studio [3rd party]

Q: Upon a successful test out, where can I teach?
A: Virtually, Outside + in person at affiliated studios, gyms and clubs.

Q: Is this Program a good fit for me?
A: If you have been, or are currently teaching in a studio and are interested in growing your personal wellness business online, this is a good fit. If you are already teaching virtually and want to add an offering to your client-base, this is also a great fit!

Q: Do I need to buy the BOX? If you plan on teaching, you must purchase a BOX.
If you are taking the trainings for personal development, a BOX is not required however we highly recommend it as the choreography in integrated with the BOX!