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Covid-19 has required each of us to make changes in most aspects of our lives. Although unique to each situation, necessary adjustments have been and will remain universal.

Personally we continue to navigate our day-to-day with 3 young kids….not knowing with any certainty when they will be in school or learning remotely and managing the emotions stemming from missing out on what 7 + 8 year olds should be doing. I work with a portfolio of early stage growth companies in health and wellness, an industry that has been hit hard. Each of these companies is making changes to their business models to survive. At O44, we are making our own strategic turn and shifting to an Online Teacher Training + Licensing Program.

Change is hard and can often feel unsurmountable. If you are human, you have moments of wanting to give up and that is totally OK. The important part is moving on from those moments. As Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Camping out there is not a good place to be.

I find some people make life pivots more easily than others yet everyone is capable of them. A few things can help:

1. Letting go of the way you thought it would be or should be…..of what 2nd grade should be like, of where you thought your business was headed, of where you’d celebrate your anniversary.

2. Accept what is and be open to new directions and ways.

3. Digest wisdom from great thinkers. Two of my applicable favorites:

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” Lou Holtz

“It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable.” Charles Darwin

4. Find some levity, some laughter. If you missed this or are too young to remember the Friends “couch episode” from 1994 [PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT], this 3 minute clip is truly a must-watch. It will certainly take more than one Pivot to get through this.