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We believe in Paying it Forward.

O44 is committed to doing our part by supporting nonprofits working to advance the health of our soil and create a more resilient food system. Every year, the Carrie Dorr Foundation will donate $10,000 to a 501(c)(3) making a significant impact on our soil health.

Why Soil?

We believe food and agriculture are as important as fitness and wellness are to our health. Nutrient dense food cannot come from nutrient deficient soil. The state of Soil is explained best by our first grantee, Land Core:

No soil, no farms, no food.

America is losing 1.7 billion tons of topsoil from croplands every year, windswept and washed away 10 times faster than it is replenished. At this rate, America has an aggregated 60 years of harvests left.

Farmers are struggling harder than ever.

U.S. net farm income has dropped by 50% in the last four years. Farmers are increasingly reliant on much-needed, but increasingly costly taxpayer-funded crop insurance.

Food security is national security.

With no topsoil, American farmers, the economy and our food security are at risk. Billions of dollars in lost revenue, millions of lost jobs and all domestic food production are on the line.

Supply chains are at risk.

Supply chains are at risk, threatening the security of countless employees, business owners, investors & insurers across all industries that rely on agriculture.

To learn more about Land Core and their work, please visit their site.