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O44 BARRE brings a fresh twist to classical Barre work while keeping all the things we love about Barre. Our program blends both large range dynamic movements and small isometric movements while integrating heavier resistance. Each workout concludes with Stretch and a Mindfulness practice, allowing you to achieve optimal results for both body and mind. O44 BARRE is effective for strengthening, toning and stretching. Wear your sticky socks!

O44 BARRE is available At-Home utilizing our O44 BOX. The O44 BOX, when sitting horizontally, allows for Plyometrics, Cardio and General Conditioning. When flipped, the O44 BOX stands vertically and is free-standing ballet barre, allowing for endless strength exercises. Tubing attaches around the outside of the box creating a simple way to integrate resistance in to every movement.

We will be offering O44 BARRE in Studios and Clubs when it is safe. Check back in or sign up for our Newsletter to find out when and where you can take class in person!