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In Inventing the most Effective Exercise Programs for Women.
In creating Methods which are Highly Effective while also Accessible and Attainable.
In Constant Innovation, Unorthodox Thinking and Evolving Brand Vision.
Teaching is a Gift and a Privilege.
The best Teachers are on a Mission to help and Empower others over promoting themselves.
In creating and sharing tools to contribute to others’ Progression rather than offering to “transform” as the only person who has the power to “transform” is you.
Exercise is only one part of Wellbeing and Whole Health Encompasses: Body (Food + Exercise), Mind + Spirit, Family + Relationships and Work.
In Food Science and Nutritional Facts.
In Embracing Aging.
In Cognitive Fitness.
Being Preventative and Proactive.
In exercising + eating real food to give ourselves the best chance of living healthier longer.
In Family Health.
Living a low-tech lifestyle. Spending as much time offline + with others.
Inspiring rather than Influencing.
Empowering rather than Objectifying.
In being Present and Engaged.
In Organizational Authenticity at every level: Founder, Owner, Leadership team, Teachers, Board Members + Council all aligning and uniting on Mission and Purpose.
In being a Purpose Driven Wellness company over a Profit Driven one.
In Impact over volume.
In living with faith at our fronts and fear at our backs.
Giving Back. Doing Good for People + the Planet.

The “O” | the Strength, Grace and Wisdom of Michelle Obama. Her podcast with Oprah where she challenges the fitness industry to create something for women her age verses her daughter’s age. There is more to this story...
The “44” | In numerology, the essence of 44 is using business to accomplish goals, which have intention to benefit the community. It's a realistic number, not easily fooled by grand promises. Its essence includes a pragmatic use of what has proven to work in the past, self-discipline, and confidence. Imagine business, building lasting works to benefit the community, and material acquisition being primary goals, accompanied with a focus on balance. There is more to this story…