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Studies have shown that cardio alone is not the best way to workout and strength training does not stave off weight gain, help to lose weight or exercise your heart muscle.

As we age, our metabolism slows, it becomes more challenging to maintain a healthy weight, we lose bone density and are at an increased risk of heart disease.  Thus the most effective workout for women, especially 35+,  is one which combines strength + cardio.  This is the WHY behind the O44 Method Formula.



In creating + teaching the most effective exercise programs  for women.

All exercise programs are not created equal.

Exercise is only one part of Wellbeing.  Whole Health encompasses:  Body (Food + Exercise), Mind + Spirit, Family + Relationships and Work.

In Empowering, Teaching and Supporting People with Tools and Facts to achieve and maintain Whole Health.

In being Excellent and Authentic.

In Embracing Aging.

In Programming which is accessible and sustainable.

Being Preventative and Proactive:  You are not your Genes.

There is a Wellneur in each of us.

Inspiring rather than Influencing.

Empowering, not objectifying.

Family Health:  our kids need these tools as much as we do, if not more, to thrive in a modern world.

In Social Learning Theory- that children learn the most from what they observe.

In a Two-Generation (2Gen) approach.



In Choosing quality over growth + purpose over profit.

Being authentic in our mission organization-wide, without dissonance.

Putting the Guest first.

Being Female Founded + Funded.

Living a low-tech lifestyle.  Spending as much time offline + with others.

Being Present and Engaged.

Being Philanthropic + Inclusive.

Supporting Local Communities.


The “O” | the Strength, Grace and Wisdom of Michelle Obama. Her podcast with Oprah where she challenges the fitness industry to create something for women her age verses her daughter’s age. There is more to this story...
The “44” | In numerology, the Angel number. Innate Healing Ability. A Vibration that attracts a wonderful circle of people that share ideas which working together, will create wonders. In business, focuses on efficient and conscientious building. Builds something to benefit many generations. Builds for both the present and the future. Desires rewards for its work in the present and wants to have a large positive effect on the future. There is more to this story...