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1. Request an application. Please note we require at least 5 years of teaching group fitness. We know there are exceptions to every rule. If you don’t have 5 years of teaching experience but believe you are a strong candidate for our training, please send us an email! You will be required to submit a video of yourself teaching the O44 Choreo we provide you..

2. Complete the 4 week Online Training Program. All training is Online and pre-recorded to be completed at-home on your terms. Modules are released each week over the course of 4 weeks.

3. Receive your License upon completion of the Modules and Test Out.

4. Get started teaching Online!

1. 16 modules of awesome educational content to be completed at your own pace.
Modules Include:
The Science of The O44 METHOD
Cueing, Choreography + Playlists
Safe + Effective Form
How to Set Up Your Virtual Studio in your home
The Business side of operating a Virtual studio including how to set up your own business website
A community of seasoned, phenomenal teachers and amazing women who are passionate about whole health + sharing it

2. A Live Q + A with Carrie Dorr, Founder of O44 METHOD

3. Your O44 METHOD Teacher License (upon completion + test out)

Q + A:
Q: Are there any prerequisites to become an O44 MTEHOD Teacher?
A: Yes. We require at least 5 years of teaching group fitness, 7-10 years of teaching experience is preferable. You will be required to submit a video of yourself teaching the O44 Choreo we provide you.

Q: What are the one-time costs?
A: $1,500 Training Fee. $389 BOX. Virtual Home Studio Set Up [varies]

Q: What are the ongoing costs?
A: $100 Monthly TOTT Membership Fee which includes choreography, playlists, continuing ed on the METHOD, continuing ed on Whole Health and continuing ed on the best practices of operating your own Health + Wellness Business. Generally Liability Insurance [varies]. $50 for Music [3rd party]. Technology fees to run your own virtual studio [3rd party]

Q: How long is my license good for?
A: Upon completion and test out you will be required to become a member of TOTT. As long as you are in good standing with your TOTT membership, your license to teach O44 METHOD Online will be valid.

Q: Does a license allow me to teach in a studio or gym?
A: Not at this time. Although the license does allow you to teach at outdoor events.

Q: Is this Program a good fit for me?
A: If you have been, or are currently teaching in a studio and are interested in growing your personal wellness business online, this is a good fit. If you are already teaching virtually and want to add an offering to your client-base, this is also a great fit!