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The O44 METHOD is an extremely effective and efficient Whole Health Workout. The program combines Strength and Cardio while concluding with Stretch + Mindfulness, allowing you to achieve optimal results for both body and mind in every 44ish-minute session.

O44 fuses the best facets of Barre, Pilates, Athletic Conditioning, Plyometrics and old-school Step Aerobics. It blends both large range dynamic movements and small isometric callanetics while integrating heavier resistance utilizing the proprietary O44 BOX . Cardio circuits break up the strength segments and can be done either Low or High-Impact, often on the O44 BOX.

The METHOD is effective for strengthening, toning and staving off weight gain. Optimizing a strong body and mind and maintaining a healthy weight work to fight off disease and chronic illness and provide the best path forward for aging with a high quality of life.

The METHOD was originally created on a Proprietary Resistance Wall utilizing a traditional Step for an in-studio experience [see pic below]. COVID caused us to pivot and focus solely on how to replicate this awesome Resistance Wall + Step Workout for people at-home without having to do permanent construction to walls! After many prototypes, the O44 BOX was born and we couldn’t be more excited.

The O44 BOX when sitting horizontally, allows for Plyometrics, Cardio and General Conditioning. When flipped, the O44 BOX stands vertically and is free-standing, allowing for endless strength exercises. The In-Studio Resistance Wall is now around the outside of the O44 BOX creating a simple way to integrate resistance in to every movement.